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  Games on Thursday, June 30, 2022 Print
No games scheduled. Please call for the latest information.

Registration for Summer Season/Temporada de verano
Tuesday, May 10, 2022 3:13:30 AM

5/23 y 5/24  Fecha para entregar roster de equipo, tarjetas de jugadores y registrar nuevos jugadores
de 6:00-7:30 en Mancini 1204 River Rd. Modesto ca
6/3 Dia para pagar $ de equipo completo y recojer tarjegas de 5:30 a 7:30pm en Mancini
1204 River Rd. Modesto ca
Rejistracions proximas
6/62022 Mancini park 5:30-7:30pm 
6/13/2022 Mancini park 5:30-7:30pm
6/20/2022 Mancini Park 5:30-7:30pm
Es responsabilidad de cada entrenador de proveer a cada padre de famila con las formas necesarias para registrar a su hijo/a.
No se regresa $ al estar el jugador registrado.
La temporada empieza el sabado 4 de junio 
Si no recoge las tarjetas el viernes, 6/3, el primer partido del sabado, 6/4 sera ( forfeit. )
Cancelled games for tomorrow 4/16/2022
Friday, April 15, 2022 11:12:58 PM

 Games are cancelled for tomorrow 4/16/2022.  Lojuegos van a cancelarce para la fecha de mañana 4/16/2022
Indoor soccer rules
Friday, November 20, 2009 2:58:49 AM

  • Field # 1 Dimensions (Modesto):  100' L x 50' W
  • Size 5 soccer balls will be used for all adult leagues as well as U-13 through U-19 leagues.
  • Size 4 balls will be used for U-10 through U-12 leagues.
  • Minimum of FOUR players needed to start and continue a game.  Teams not ready after 5 minutes of game time are subject to a forfeit and an appropriate forfeit fine (see League and Player Information for details).
  • Unlimited substitutions allowed as listed under SUBSTITUTIONS (see next section).
  • Any player may change places with the goalkeeper, provided that the referee is informed before the change is made, and provided also that the change is made during a stoppage of the game.
  • Substitute players are to remain in the player boxes.  Only players and two coaches are permitted in the box.  A team having a non-participating person in the box will be awarded a two-minute penalty. All player/coaches must be listed on the roster.
U8 Field #17 + Keeper 25 Minutes
U10 Field #16 + Keeper25 Minutes
 U12Field #1 6 + Keeper25 Minutes
 U14Field #1 5 + Keeper25 Minutes
  SUBSTITUTIONSAllowed during play:
  • Player must be within 3 feet of his/her team box door or off the field before a substitute player can come on.
Allowed when play has ceased:
  • After a goal is scored.
  • After a time penalty is awarded.
  • On an injury time out.
  • When the ball leaves the field of play. 
LAW IV:  PLAYER REGISTRATION AND EQUIPMENT·         All players must be listed on the team roster. ·         Shin guards are mandatory and must be totally covered by socks. ·         Only FLAT soled shoes or other shoes designed for indoor artificial surfaces must be used.  No studded/screw-in, or black-soled (marking) shoes allowed. ·         Goalkeepers must wear colors which distinguish them from all other players and referees. ·         All knee, wrist or other braces must be covered by a sleeve. Absolutely no hard casts are allowed, covered or otherwise. ·         Players not on the current team roster, players without a proper valid membership, shin guards, numbered jersey or any other required equipment, will be asked to leave the field of play and their team may be assessed a time penalty at the discretion of the official. LAW V:  REFEREES
  • At least one official will be present during play.
  • The official will keep a record of the game.
LAW VI:  DURATION OF GAMERefer to Law III for “Minutes per half”
  • A half time interval shall be 2 minutes.
  • The clock shall only be stopped for serious injuries at the discretion of the referee or management.
  • The clock may be stopped at the discretion of the referee when the game clock reads 2 minutes or less at the end of each half of play.
  • Kick-off will be given to the home team.  Visitors will have kick off at the start of the second half.
  • A kick-off will start the game and restart the game after a goal has been scored.
  • Teams will change direction at half time.
  • A goal can be scored directly from a kick-off on field 1
 LAW VIII:  RESTARTS: BALL ON AND OFF FIELDKICK-INS·         This is an indirect free kick; a goal may not be scored directly from a kick-in. ·         Kick-ins must be taken within 2 feet of the boards at the point nearest where the ball left the field of play.  The ball is considered to be out of play when it makes contact with the protective netting. ·         Opposing players shall be 5 feet from the ball. (encroachment rule applies). GOAL KICKS/THROWS
  • When the whole of the ball passes over the end perimeter wall, it shall be kicked or thrown into play from within the penalty area, by the goalkeeper or kicked into play by a member of the team.
  • A goal can not be scored directly from such a kick.
  • When the whole of the ball passes over the end perimeter wall and was last touched by the defending team, a direct corner kick shall be awarded. The ball must be placed on the corner circle mark. 
LAW IX:  BALL IN AND OUT OF PLAYThe ball is out of play when:
  • It has wholly crossed the perimeter wall.
  • Makes contact with the out of play area (netting, building superstructure, lighting, ceiling).
  • When the ball makes contact with the building superstructure, lighting or ceiling, an indirect free kick will be awarded to the opposing team at the center of the nearest white line. 
  • A team scores a goal when the whole of the ball legally passes over the goal line between the goalposts and under the crossbar.
  • No players, including the goalkeeper may propel the ball over the three lines in the air.
  • When the ball crosses over three lines in the air towards an opponent's goal, without being touched by another or touching the perimeter wall, a three-line violation will be enforced.  Ball must be played from behind the white line to have a three- line violation. (Balls played from/on the white line do not constitute a three-line violation).
  • Penalized by awarding an indirect free kick to the opponents at the center of the first line that the ball crossed over.
LAW XII:  FOULS AND MISCONDUCTMajor Offenses (Direct free kick awarded):
  • Boarding (propelling an opponent into the perimeter wall). The person closest to the board on a boarding foul has the right of way.  A time penalty must be assessed for boarding.
  • Charging the goalkeeper, except when he/she has passed outside his/her penalty area
  • Kicking or attempting to kick an opponent.
  • Tripping or attempting to trip an opponent.
  • Jumping at an opponent.
  • Charging an opponent in a violent or dangerous manner.
  • Charging or tackling an opponent from behind.
  • Slide Tackling at any time - Note exceptions for goalkeeper. Goalkeepers can slide on their side hands first to the ball. Sliding feet first will warrant a foul.
  • Striking or attempting to strike, spit at or threaten an opponent.
  • Holding an opponent.
  • Pushing an opponent.
  • Any player (except goalie) who slides in the box in order to prevent a goal will receive a yellow card and a penalty kick will be awarded.
  • Intentionally handling the ball (except goalkeepers within their own penalty box). In addition, a direct free kick will be awarded when the ball strikes the hand if it gives that player or their team an advantage. For example: a player kicks the ball into an opposing players hand which subsequently lands the ball at the opposing players feet, thus giving them an advantage.
Minor Offenses (Indirect free kick awarded):
  • Player in possession of the ball uses both hands to hold onto boards or glass in order to gain an advantage.
  • Obstructing an opponent.
  • Illegal substitution.
  • Delaying game:  when playing as goalkeeper, indulging in tactics such as failing to play ball within five seconds.
  • Going to the ground in order to play the ball or playing the ball while on the ground (Note: if in box to prevent a goal, see Major Offenses)
A player shall receive a 2-minute penalty (blue card) if he/she:
  • Violates in a flagrant way any of the items listed as an “Offense” in Law XII or for:
  • Goalkeeper Endangerment: Endangering the goalkeeper within his/her penalty area by sliding or charging him/her, regardless of whether he/she is in control of the ball.
  • Players’ Unsporting Behavior: Players displaying trickery, delay of game, dissent, referee abuse, persistent fouls, illegal substitutions, encroachment or behavior which, in the referee’s discretion, does not warrant another category of penalty.
A player shall be cautioned (yellow card) if he/she:
  • Persistently infringes the laws and house rules. This caution becomes a red card after being warned.
  • Shows by word or action dissent at any referee decision.
  • Is guilty of unsportinglike conduct.
  • Receives a second 2-minute time penalty for a major or minor offense.
A player shall be ejected (red card) if he/she:
  • Is guilty of violent conduct or serious foul play.
  • Uses foul or abusive language.
  • Spits on the field or in the player box or anywhere else in the facility.
  • Persists in misconduct after being cautioned.
  • Receives a third 2-minute time penalty for a major or minor offense.
  • Receives two yellow cards or any combination of cards that total six penalty minutes. 
  • If a player is red carded, they must leave the facility.
Goalkeeper Restrictions:Once a goalkeeper has gained control of the ball during play with his/her hands he/she:
  • Must release the ball into play within five (5) seconds (can be to own feet).
  • After releasing, cannot play the ball again with his/her hands until it has been touched by an opponent, or goes out of play.
  • At no time may a goalkeeper handle a ball with their hands that is intentionally played to him/her by the foot from a teammate.
  • At no time may a keeper handle a ball with their hands after he/she has touched the ball outside the penalty box.
  • Once a goalkeeper leaves the penalty area then he/she becomes a normal field player and is subject to all rules regarding field players, including the no slide rule. 
  • Goalkeepers are allowed to slide on their side, hands first to the ball. Any sliding feet first towards the ball will result in a foul.
  • Punishment for any of the above will be the awarding of an indirect free kick from the top of the penalty area.
  • A time penalty assessed against a goalkeeper inside the Penalty Area may be served by another member of his/her team that is already on the field, provided that the foul is not flagrant (in case of goalkeeper ejection, the goalkeeper must leave the field).
Delay of Game:
  • If a player intentionally delays the game, the referee may award a time penalty for delay of game.
  • If a player, in the opinion of the referee, feigns an injury, the referee may award a 2-minute time penalty for delay of game.
  • If a player/team intentionally delays the game with less than 2 minutes in each half of play, the official may stop the clock to award any necessary time penalties or to award a free kick or penalty kick.
Time Penalties/Cards:Time penalties fall into three categories:
  1. Red - 5 minute penalties = Red/ two yellows/three blues
  2. Yellow - 4 minute penalties = yellow or two blues
  3. Blue - 2 minute penalties = Blue card
A time penalty of 5 minutes is awarded only at the time a player is ejected; another team member must serve the entire time penalty and the player who is red carded must leave the facility.A Time Penalty will be awarded for:
  • Breach of any house rules (i.e. chewing gum on the field, slamming gates, etc.).
  • Illegal substitution and illegally entering the field of play.
  • Player re-entering game without making equipment adjustment.
  • Any of the major offenses.
  • Any of the minor offenses.
  • Delay of game.
  • Unsportinglike conduct.
  • Encroachment on free kicks.
  • Leaving door(s) unlatched while not in use.
  • Striking a light fixture or ceiling (2 minute penalty). No time penalty will be awarded from an incidental deflection or playing the ball off the head.
Release of Players from the Penalty Box:
  • Only at the expiration of their full time penalty; penalty time will carry over to the next time period of play (i.e. to the second half or over-time periods).
  • After a goal is scored against their team, and the time penalty was for a ceiling violation. (All other violations must serve the full time).
  • Only one player can come out per goal, which will be the player who was sent off the field first.
When three players from the same team are given time penalties:
  • Four players must still be on the field, otherwise the game will be forfeited.
  • In leagues with seven players on the field, time for the third player begins when the time for the first player expires.
 Bench Penalty:Unsportinglike conduct from a team box will result in a verbal warning against the team; should the conduct persist, a bench penalty will be issued against the offending team and the team manager/coach must remove one of the field players to serve a time penalty.FREE KICKSThe following apply to all restarts:
  • Ball is in play when a player has touched it.
  • Opposing players shall be 5 feet from the ball.
  • Player taking a kick cannot play it again until someone else touches the ball.
  • Time shall be extended at the end of each period to allow the taking of a penalty kick or a shootout.
  • Players from either team shall not be permitted to stand on the penalty area line and shall not interfere with the player taking a penalty kick, including the players approach to the ball, from outside the penalty box line.
  • Any of the “Major Fouls” inside the penalty box will result in a penalty kick. .
SHOOTOUTSA Shoot Out is awarded in  Field #1 for the following Fouls committed by a Defender in his or her Defensive Half of the field in a breakaway situation:
  • Last player Foul.  A Foul against an attacking player going towards the Goal in the defensive half of the field where the defender is the last player on the team between the attacking player with the ball and the Goal (not including the GK).
  • Any foul by GK outside the penalty Area or GK Intentional Handball outside the Penalty Area.
    (Note: Once play is established in that half of the field, it is no longer considered to be a breakaway)
APPLICATION OF SHOOTOUT:(A) The ball is placed on the center of the attacking third line. Any player on the field at the time of the foul may take the Shootout.(B) All players of the Attacking Team stand behind the halfway line and Outside of the Center circle. Players of the Defending Team stand behind the halfway line and Inside of the Center Circle.(C) The goalkeeper has at least one foot on his goal line and may not move off of it until after the Referee whistles the Shootout to begin.(D) Once the Referee whistles the Shootout to begin, from that moment, all of the players behind the halfway line may move into the attacking half of the field. The player taking the Shootout plays the ball forward using any legal manner to score (e.g., direct shot on goal, dribbling and shooting, playing the ball off of the boards, passing to a teammate, etc.), and play resumes,EXCEPT:(E) Neither team may substitute for the first three (3) seconds of a Shootout. Such a substitution shall be assessed a two (2) minute penalty. The player coming on serves the 2-minute penalty, which shall not accrue against that player for purposes of multiple accumulated time penalty ejection.(F) The goalkeeper shall be restricted to goalkeeping privileges while inside the penalty area. Any foul committed by the goalkeeper, regardless of field position, shall result in a penalty kick and can be taken by any member of the offended team. The goalkeeper shall serve the appropriate time penalty, which shall be recorded.(G) If a shootout infraction is called near the end of a half and the horn sounds after the foul is called,  the game shall be extended to a 10 second hand count to allow the shootout to conclude without adding any time to the Scoreboard Clock.

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